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A top-notch service provider and full-service software partner for delivering customized and smart business solutions for small as well as large-scale enterprises. We help our clients to stand up and compete with the top players in the current market trend.

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Who Are We and What We Can Do?

Boutique Smart Agency (BSA) is a full stack service provider company that aims at providing the best smart solutions digitally. With our strong strategic partnerships and by following the best industry practices, we provide the businesses with an edge in the current market scenario and serve as the face of their business to boost their revenue and control costs. We understand business needs and provide them with tailored and smart solutions that help them dominate the market.

Web & Mobile App Development

With the help of our eminent development team, we build your apps from scratch and provide full-stack development, integration, support, and maintenance services. We also work to strengthen existing websites and apps with the latest in technology to make them fast, responsive, and user-friendly.

Advisory services

We have a team of highly skilled professionals whose extensive experience in the industry has helped us serve our clients with technology consulting, technical support, product design and development, and quality assurance. We address key issues of businesses and align business and IT strategies and architectures.

ERP Solutions

With our robust ERP solutions, we leverage our client’s business by automating many functions related to technology, services, as well as human resource. Our cost-effective ERP solutions cover a wide range of operations and help our clients to stand in the market of competition.

Innovative team committed to delivering extraordinary results

At BSA, we follow the best industry practices and employ ultra-modern technology and procedures so that the project holders can be benefited with its return and remain on top.

Web Development

Our Services

Overwhelming Features
Fully-tailored mobile app solution

BSA has a progressive team of professionals who have broad expertise and specialization in offering flexible, affordable and fully-tailored mobile app solution for your business using the latest technological advancement.

Web programming

Our experts will turn your idea into a real innovative product. We are highly proficient in building software solutions from scratch and enhance any existing products with new features to match the current market trend.

Digital and Mobile Banking

We deliver rich mobile and digital banking experiences by employing the latest innovative technologies. With our strong partnership with industry matter experts, we cater splendid services in daily banking, personal finance management, KYW/Onboarding system, product enrollment system and many more.

Customized and Smart ERP Solutions

We deliver custom smart ERP solutions that are highly tailored and engineered to automate, simplify, and streamline your business ideas. We aim to deliver best-in-class smart solutions for your business.

Advisory & Consulting

We help you to collaborate with the team of proactive and zealous experts who will guide you to find the best solution and add wings to your ideas. Our professionals will help you analyze all the available categories and content you with the most suitable solution for your product.

Cyber Intelligence

We have partnered with the US leading Cyber Intelligence firm and brought to the Region this exceptional product. This product will be your ears & eyes and help you monitor the digital underground to provide targeted & actionable threat intelligence.

Why Choose Us?

Having served a number of geographical locations, we have extensive experience in different verticals and have helped businesses reach their targeted goals. We use innovative and emerging technologies to face the challenge of market needs. We keep our client’s satisfaction on top of all.

Perform extensive market research

Our marketing experts perform extensive market research to discover the actual need of the customer so that the customers are completely satisfied.

Building and Promoting Brand Image

We have worked with a number of brands and so we are aware of the best tools and practices that help a business establish itself as a brand.

Creative & Professional

Creativity and professionalism is what we are known for. As we keep ourselves updated with the latest in technology, so we do with our clients so that they always remain on top.

Our Strategic Partners


Appventurez is a leading Software Development company which was established with a motto of imparting end-to-end technology-oriented services to all large and small businesses and bestow enormously in enhancing their overall business lifecycle. They have served their customers passionately in the past and have built 200+ applications in multiple domains.


Eurisko Mobility, a Lebanon-based company, is Middle East's leading firm in native mobile app development on iOS and Android, multi-platform 2D/3D game development and Virtual/Augmented Reality development. Their reliable deliveries, agile approach, prompt communication has enabled them to rank amongst the top 75 designers for mobile apps in the world.


Q6 Cyber deploys proactive, comprehensive, and intelligence-enabled solutions and offers wide-ranging professional services, including penetration testing, security assessments, and custom threat investigations to address a wide range of pertinent security, intelligence, and business challenges.


Vision is a reliable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and an information system which is highly flexible and easy to operate, customize and upgrade. Vision is capable of embedding any web-based technologies and serve as a bridge between the latest technologies; ranging from database to visualization, customization and full integration with the Office applications.

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